Terms and conditions for granting the HAVAG customer guarantees

Claims under the guarantee

In the context of the HAVAG customer guarantees HAVAG gives its customers the following voluntary guarantees:

  • A Ticket Guarantee
  • A Punctuality Guarantee Day/Night
  • A Response Guarantee
Application and scope of the HAVAG customer guarantees

All guarantees relate solely to HAVAG’s area of influence and service.

This particularly means that the Ticket Guarantee only covers HAVAG routes in fare zones 210 and 233.

The Punctuality Guarantee (Day/Night) applies without exception to journeys that have been or are intended to be taken on our routes in fare zones 210 and 233. It is not possible to provide reimbursement for journeys which are delayed due to the fact that they have been taken in combination with transport facilities provided by other local transport companies within fare zones 210 and 233 or in neighbouring fare zones.

Precondition for making a claim under the HAVAG customer guarantees

A claim in connection with the Punctuality Guarantee (Day/Night) must be reported within 10 working days (days that do not fall on a Sunday or a public holiday) of the date of the incident. In the case of letters sent by post it is the date of the postmark that counts. No acknowledgement of receipt will be given except when the claim is submitted via the online form.

Besides information about the journey you have taken, you need a valid MDV ticket, in order to make a claim under the Punctuality Guarantee (Day). A copy or, if applicable, a scan of the ticket you have used is sufficient. A copy or a scan of the front and reverse of a student identity card (with name and validity stamp) is sufficient for students with a valid MDV semester ticket. The severely disabled should submit a copy or a scan of their disabled person’s pass together with a valid stamp. For HAVAG ABO (subscription) customers, whose entitlement to travel is evidenced by a chip card, it is essential to give the chip card number as proof. In this case the application may only be made by the subscriber or the subscriber’s legal representative. It is not sufficient to state an intention to purchase an MDV ticket. Only one refund can be claimed per journey.

To satisfy claims made under the Punctuality Guarantee (Night), we need a receipt from the taxi company you have used (indicating the route travelled, the date and the time) in addition to information concerning the missed or delayed journey. In addition, it is absolutely essential for customers to provide us with their account data when they make an application, as taxi expenses, if approved, can only be reimbursed in the form of a bank transfer from us.

The precondition for payment if a claim is made under the Response Guarantee is evidence or a brief description of the incident addressed to us in writing.

Giving notice of a claim under the guarantee

A claim made under the guarantee can be submitted in the form of a fully completed guarantee card, including the necessary attachments, sent to the following address

  • By post to: 
    Hallesche Verkehrs-AG 
    Kundengarantien (Customer Guarantees)
    Freiimfelder Str. 74 
    06112 Halle (Saale)
  • As an alternative, customers can complete the online form to make a claim.
Forms of compensation under the guarantee

To compensate them for their inconvenience, our customers are given a 24-hour card for either fare zone 210 or fare zone 233, for one person under the Punctuality Guarantee (Day) and the Response Guarantee. HAVAG subscription customers have the option of having the value of the 24-hour card credited to the account that they keep with HAVAG. It is not possible to make a cash payment or to refund guarantee tickets.

Under the Punctuality Guarantee (Night) we reimburse part of the taxi fare, for as much as EUR 20. The compensation can only be paid once per taxi journey, even if several customers share the same taxi.

Payment of compensation when are vehicles are delayed

During the time from 5.00 to 22.00 hours (day) customers who reach their destination with a delay of more than 20 minutes when using our service are entitled to compensation.

Customers may call a taxi between 22.00 in the evening and 5.00 hours in the morning and we will reimburse part of the fare once the scheduled departure is delayed by more than 20 minutes.

The basis for the departure and arrival times is the latest timetable (according to the information on the HAVAG website) together with all guaranteed connections. An exception from these rules are cases of force majeure (such as natural influences and strikes) and third-party liability (e.g. traffic or personal accidents, obstructions due to vehicles, traffic jams).

Payment of compensation for a delayed response

Customers are entitled to receive a reply to every complaint/enquiry submitted in text form. HAVAG will also issue the response in text form and send it to the customer. We have committed ourselves to observe a deadline of 7 working days from the date when the enquiry is received. It is the date of the postmark that counts for replies that HAVAG sends by letter.

An exception are submissions that are in breach of applicable law and claims for damages as these need to be checked by our Legal Department. The complaints/enquiries must have been submitted to HAVAG through the usual communication channels such as post, email, PO box, fax or web form.

Written complaints/enquiries that reach us via social networks or similar methods do not fall within the scope of the Response Guarantee.

Exclusion of HAVAG customer guarantees

In the case of the obvious misuse of the guarantees HAVAG reserves the right to exclude customers from reimbursement for a guaranteed service or guaranteed services during a certain period. The customer will be informed of the exclusion.

Information concerning customer rights

HAVAG customer guarantees are a voluntary service from HAVAG. Customer guarantees given by HAVAG neither restrict nor remove the customer’s legal rights. The voluntary customer guarantees given by HAVAG do not affect the General and Special Terms and Conditions of Transport of the Transport Companies of Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) (Allgemeine und Besondere Beförderungsbedingungen der Verkehrsunternehmen des Mitteldeutschen Verkehrsverbundes (MDV)) and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Transport (Einheitliche Beförderungsbedingungen) of MDV, VMS, VVO, VVV and ZVON.

Data protection

Responsibility for data processing in the context of the HAVAG guarantees lies with Hallesche Verkehrs-AG (Freiimfelder Straße 74, 06112 Halle).

The basis and the purpose of data processing is your application to make a claim made under the HAVAG guarantees. We need your personal details in order to process your application and this data will be processed in compliance with data protection law. In order to clarify any subsequent enquiries or to provide information in relation to applications made under the HAVAG guarantees, we need to take note of your email address or telephone number in addition to the mandatory details you have to provide. Failure to do so means that it might not be possible to process your application properly. When your application is processed, the details you provide will only be disclosed to other HAVAG departments (especially to employees of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service) for this sole purpose. There will be no further disclosure of your data unless we are legally obliged or entitled to make such a disclosure.

You have the right to information and to the rectification and erasure of your data or to the restriction of processing as well as the right to object to the processing of your data and the right to data portability. Here we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we will erase no data that is subject to certain retention periods. How long your personal data will be stored depends on the decision regarding your application. Due to obligations to retain evidence we will store your data for a period of 3 years after the end of the relevant calendar year. Furthermore, due to the statutory retention periods under fiscal and commercial law, we will store your data for 10 years.

Further information can be found in the privacy policy. You can contact our data protection officer at: