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Our customer guarantees

The voluntary guarantees described here make our standards of quality measurable. We wish to convince new and current passengers of the quality of our service and to hear their views.

All HAVAG employees are actively engaged in honouring the guarantees. This includes the optimisation of our own work processes and structures, improved inter-departmental cooperation and effective self-regulation.

The Punctuality Guarantee

20 minutes late? 24-hours ticket or a free taxi ride

Punctuality and guaranteed connections are particularly important to us. If passengers are more than 20 minutes late in reaching their final stop between 5 and 22 hours, HAVAG will reimburse the ticket price in the form of a free 24-hours ticket for one person in fare zone 210 or 233.

If a scheduled departure between 22 and 5 hours is delayed by more than 20 minutes, HAVAG will pay part of the taxi fare for as much as €20.00.

The basis for all departure and arrival times is the latest timetable together with all guaranteed connections. An exception from these rules are cases of force majeure (such as natural influences, strike) and third-party liability (e.g. traffic or personal accidents, obstructions due to vehicles, traffic jams).

Here is our application form for compensation/reimbursement.

The Response Guarantee

No response within seven days? A free 24-hours card

We are here to help you 24 hours a day. For written complaints or enquiries sent by post, email, web form or fax we guarantee a qualified response within seven working days. If we fail to do this, we will compensate you with a free journey through a 24-hours ticket for one person in fare zone 210 or 233.

An exception are complaints and enquiries that are in breach of applicable law and claims for damages.

Here is our application form for compensation/reimbursement.


The Ticket Guarantee

Machine defective? A free journey

In addition to many stationary machines and online sales channels, our passengers can purchase their tickets at mobile ticket machines in all low-floor vehicles. If these machines should unexpectedly fail, you can still continue your journey as far as the next stop where you change. In the event of an inspection, the tickets you need can be purchased directly from the inspectors.

In the three Tatra trams that are still running it is unfortunately not possible to install mobile machines so that you can only board these trams with a valid ticket. The use of the Tatra trams is marked with a “K” in the timetable.

Do you wish to make a claim under the guarantee?

Here you can find the right application for compensation/reimbursement.

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