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Pre-order the change to your Deutschlandticket

From 01.05.2023, the Federal Government and the German federal states will introduce a valid season ticket for local transport throughout Germany - the Deutschlandticket (D-Ticket) for 49 euros per month

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Subscribers can pre-order the change from their existing subscription to the Deutschlandticket directly here.

Mobility for pupils

Information about the SCHOOL Card, the SCHOOL Card Upgrade, the Pupil Ticket (SchülerZeitKarte) and the Pupil Leisure Ticket (SchülerFreizeitTicket).

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Mobility for apprentices

Our products for apprentices and students: Weekly Pass Apprentice (Wochenkarte Azubi) and Monthly Pass Apprentice (Monatskarte Azubi), ABO Apprentice (ABO Azubi), Abo Apprentice Plus (ABO Azubi Plus), Apprentice Ticket Saxony (AzubiTicket Sachsen) and the Semester Ticket (Semester-Vollticket) for university students.

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Mobility for frequent riders

Information about ABO LightABO Light 9 am, ABO Basic 9 am, ABO Premium and ABO Flex

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Mobility for seniors

Information about ABO SeniorABO Senior Partner, ABO Light and ABO Light 9 am.

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Take out and edit subscriptions

You have the choice to take out a subscription online (in German) or use the PDF forms (also in German) to take out or alter a subscription. Alternatively, staff at the HAVAG Service Centres are happy to assist you.