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Since May 2023, the Deutschlandticket (D-Ticket) can be used for local transport throughout Germany for 49 euros/month. 

Purchase Deutschlandticket

Order your Deutschlandticket online easily.

Order D-Ticket online

As an alternative, you can also download the order form (PDF file), fill it out, and either send it by email to or drop it off at one of our HAVAG-SERVICE-CENTER.

The order form can only be offered in the German language.

Subscriber easily change to the Deutschlandticket

Subscribers can pre-order the change from their existing subscription to the Deutschlandticket directly. You can download the order form (PDF file), fill it out, and either send it by email to or drop it off at one of our HAVAG-SERVICE-CENTER.

The Deutschlandticket in comparison
Comparison between the D-Ticket
and our HAVAG subscriptions.

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  • Where is the Deutschlandticket valid and where isn’t it valid?

    The Deutschlandticket is valid on all public transport in Germany, including second class travel on regional trains.

    The Deutschlandticket is not valid on long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE) or with providers such as FlixTrain.

  • Do I have to cancel my subscription for the Deutschlandticket?

    If you have already taken out a subscription with us, you don't have to do anything.

    You can pre-order the change (in the German language) from your existing subscription to the Deutschlandticket directly here. Under no circumstances should you cancel your existing subscription. 

  • How and where can I get the Deutschlandticket?

    You can obtain the Deutschlandticket from HAVAG online at or in the HAVAG-SERVICE-CENTERS.

    Subscribers can pre-order the change from their existing subscription to the Deutschlandticket directly here.

  • Do I have to update my chip card if I have changed to the Deutschlandticket?

    Yes, you must update your chip card before it becomes valid if you have changed to the Deutschlandticket and want to use everywhere in Germany.

    Since Monday, 24.04.2023, this will be possible at all ticket machines.

    To do this, simply place your chip card on the (((e - field and wait a moment. The update will start automatically and the Deutschlandticket will be displayed on the screen.

  • How can I activate the Deutschlandticket for the APP MOOVME?

    If you have subscribed to the Deutschlandticket (D-Ticket) with Hallesche Verkehrs-AG (HAVAG), you can use it as a digital ticket (mobile phone ticket) in the MOOVME app, instead of your UmweltCard (ABO card/chip card) if you wish.
    To this end you need to tick the appropriate box (mobile ticket desired) in the change or order form. Register in the MOOVME app with the same email address you used to order the Germany Ticket. If you are already registered in the MOOVME app, make sure that you use the same email address in the D-Ticket ordering process.
    The Deutschlandticket will be displayed as a mobile ticket in the app under "My Tickets". You will receive an email as soon as this service is available.

  • Why can’t I see my Deutschlandticket on MOOVME?

    If your D-Ticket isn’t showing as a mobile ticket on MOOVME yet, it could be down to the following:

    • Your version of the MOOVME app is outdated. Please update your app and install the newest version of MOOVME.
    • Your (smart)phone software is outdated. Please update your system to the minimum version for Android (8.0 or newer) and iOS (14.0 or newer).
    • You haven’t yet registered for the MOOVME app. You may do this now. Instructions can be found under
    • You haven’t confirmed your registration. Please check your e-mail inbox (including your spam folder) and confirm your registration for the app.
    • You are using two separate e-mail addresses for MOOVME and for your subscription application for the Deutschlandticket. If the e-mail addresses differ, the Deutschlandticket cannot be displayed. A new/re-registration for MOOVME is recommended in this case. Please note that the appearance of the Deutschlandticket after registering for MOOVME can take up to 24 hours.

    Under the Menu selection “My Tickets”, you will subsequently find your Deutschlandticket. Please check whether the ticket is shown there. If this is not the case, please contact the customer support of Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund at

    More information regarding MOOVME can be found at or

  • Can I take other people, dogs and bicycles with me?

    It is not possible to take persons over 6 years of age with you free of charge. The local tariff regulations apply to the carriage of bicycles and dogs. Children under 6 continue to travel free of charge.   

  • Is the Deutschlandticket transferable?

    The Deutschlandticket is not transferable to other persons.

  • Will all additional benefits of my subscription be automatically transferred?

    The Deutschlandticket will make our local transport more accessible for everyone and for many people even considerably cheaper. Existing subscriptions do not need to be cancelled.

    You can decide whether you want to retain your existing subscription or switch to the Deutschlandticket (D-Ticket). If you wish to switch, you are welcome to do so via a pdf-form on our under (in german only). 

    Special agreements, such as regulations concerning who can travel with you using the ticket, are not transferred when switching to the Deutschlandticket. Other persons, dogs or bicycles can travel with you for an appropriate surcharge (tariff regulation on site).  

  • What happens to the HAVAG season tickets?

    The various HAVAG season tickets will continue to exist, even after the introduction of the Deutschlandticket. This is because in the case of the tried and tested HAVAG season tickets, you benefit from our additional services, which are excluded from the Deutschlandticket, such as:

    • Transferability, taking people and dogs with you
    • Additional combination offer with teilAuto 

    So you can sit back and relax. Continue to remain loyal to us!

  • Will there be social fares or reductions in the case of the Deutschlandticket?

    The details concerning reductions for pupils or trainees as well as regulations for low-income earners are clarified by the federal states and transport associations. As soon as results are available, we will inform you immediately.

  • What applies to children?

    Children under the age of six travel free of charge on public transport and do not need a Deutschlandticket. Children who are over 6 years old must purchase a ticket.

  • How can I cancel the Deutschlandticket?

    The Deutschlandticket can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

  • How long will the Deutschlandticket be offered?

    Politicians aim to offer the ticket permanently. The introductory period for the Deutschlandticket is scheduled for two years. After that, a decision will be made on how to proceed.

  • How can I get the Deutschlandticket as a student?

    Quite simply, it is the ‘student version’ of the successful Deutschlandticket and allows exactly the same - the nationwide use of all means of public transport in 2nd class. It is not valid on long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE, with providers such as FlixTrain) or on long-distance bus services.

    Hallesche Verkehrs-AG (HAVAG) is responsible for providing the Germany Semester Ticket for all students at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg), Merseburg University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Merseburg) and Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle (Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle).

    The Deutschlandsemesterticket is only available in the movemix_app and is not transferable. The cost of the ticket is included as a compulsory component in the semester fees of the participating universities.

    And this is how students get their Deutschlandsemesterticket:

    D-Semesterticket (in German)

  • Will the Deutschlandticket also be available as a HAVAG job ticket?

    Yes, the Deutschlandticket will also be offered as a HAVAG job ticket. Employers who have a framework agreement with us must co-finance 25% of the ticket price for their employees. Hallesche Verkehrs-AG will then grant an additional discount of 5%.

    For those who would like to find out more about the Job Ticket offer in general please visit the Job Ticket information site.

  • I already have a HAVAG job ticket. How can I obtain the new Deutschlandticket?

    Your employer can offer both the new Deutschlandticket and the existing HAVAG Jobticket models at the known conditions. Please contact the person responsible for the job ticket at your company to find out how this is handled in your case.

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