Multimodal services for your city


If you have downloaded the movemix_app, you can travel without cash.

With the "Tickets" function, you can conveniently book MDV tickets. With the "Shuttle" function, you can book a movemix_shuttle. Simply register and select the payment method direct debit, PayPal or credit card.

Tickets for single journey, group ticket and day pass, even season tickets are possible with the app. Soon you will also be able to buy the Deutschlandticket here.

Find out more about movemix and visit our movemix website at:


Use the new shuttle service movemix_shuttle in the Paulusviertel and in Halle-Ost. Find out how here. Get in and find out!

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Hire your movemix_bike and explore the city. Find out how here. Saddle up and find out!

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