Mobility for Seniors

Tickets for passengers aged 60 and over

Today almost a quarter of all the inhabitants of Halle are aged 65 and over. To help you remain mobile in your best years, HAVAG has some interesting tickets for just this customer group, for example our ABO Senior.

And because it is much more pleasant to travel in the company of another, all seniors have the option of taking out a subscription for a partner card at an attractive price. ABO Senior and ABO Senior Partner primarily differ from our other subscriptions through the enhanced service they offer.

Our Light subscriptions are also interesting for seniors

Why not take the opportunity to adapt the ABO Light and ABO Light 9 am to your individual mobility needs?

You can also add an option that makes the pass transferable and/or to allow taking along an adult and/or a child free of charge. All you have to do is select the desired option(s).

Further down this page you can find more detailed information about these options.

ABO Senior

  • Available for passengers from the age of 65
  • Valid 24 hours a day throughout the entire network of Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) – from 15 December 2019 also in the new MDV North area.
  • You can be accompanied by three children (aged 6 to 14) at any time free of charge. 
  • You can always take along a dog free of charge.
  • You can travel 1st class on local trains from 5.00 p.m. (without a dog).
  • Is valid only for a particular person and therefore not transferable to others; you always need to carry an official photo ID document as evidence of your entitlement.

ABO Senior Partner

  • The ABO Senior Partner subscription offers the same advantages and terms of use as the ABO Senior.
  • It can only be purchased in connection with an ABO Senior; both subscription fees must be debited from the same account.
  • The ABO card can be used separately.

Our subscription prices at a glance

  • The minimum term of the contract for the subscriptions mentioned here is 12 consecutive months. 
  • The start date of the subscription is freely selectable.
Subscription Entire MDV Network
ABO Senior €72.80
ABO Senior Partner €46.90

* including a 2,5 % discount on the total price

Taking out and altering subscriptions

Taking out a subscription online: through Subscriptions online at (in German)
PDF forms: download from Customer Service > Forms & documents (in German)

A more detailed price overview of our subscription options for all zones in Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund (MDV) can be found on the Ticket and Fare Information.